Enjoying music

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Enjoying music

Isn't it interesting that one hundred years ago, music reproduced through an old gramophone wowed listeners?

Today, we might either cringe or smile upon hearing the same reproduction, yet, if the music is good, our foot will still tap. 

The enjoyment of music has never depended on the quality of reproduced sound any more than a good story has never depended on the quality of printing paper. Once we connect with a beat or melody we can dance with it even if it does not sound real.

That said, I prefer my music well recorded and reproduced in the same way I prefer to watch a modern color movie versus an old 8mm black and white version.

The enjoyment of what we ingest is multifaceted. 

On one level it's the music itself. On another it's the quality of its reproduction. 

I can enjoy either or both.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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