Emotions meter

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Emotions meter

Here's an idea. Because we don't have much in the way of equipment to measure the emotional connection of music, we could come up with some innovative tools. For example, we could monitor foot tapping. Perhaps we could even measure heart beats and breathing rate, then correlate the results to the music and the system it's being played on.

I am certain there are those among us who would value an emotions meter.

Why? Because some equipment and systems have greater emotional connection than others. A track played on my Amazon Echo resonates less with me than when that same track plays on my two-channel system.

Or, take for example the A/B testing of new gear. Compare music played on the DirectStream MK1 vs. the same track played on the newer DirectStream MK2. One sounds great, the other instantly connects my emotions to the music.

I don't need a metering system other than myself, but I am guessing there are some who would prefer the security of higher and lower points upon a reference scale.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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