Easy isn't always better

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Easy isn't always better
How many times have you gotten advice to take the easy path, the quickest road? Why paddle upstream? Unfortunately, the easiest path often nets us the lowest return: snacks vs. real food, receivers vs. separates, driving your car around the block when you could get some exercise. In my experience, people often mistake simple for easy. The simplest answer is often the best while the easiest is more often than not a shortcut with returns commensurate with the effort expended. Like an investment, I think it's safe to say the results of our efforts and hard work are often reflected in the final outcome. A carefully curated high-end audio system with hand-selected cables and components set up with meticulous care and understanding will nearly always outperform even the most highly touted plug-and-play solution. It might be safe to suggest easy is rarely better. Taking the time and energy to gain the knowledge of what you're seeking to achieve and then making the effort to get it right is how the best audio systems in the world come to be recognized. If you're reading this post you're already investing the time and energy to make things better. Go get 'em!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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