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It might seem counter-intuitive that I write about blocking the sound entering your ears. After all, I have always advocated keeping them clean and clear so we might enjoy all that our systems have to offer. Which is why I am also a staunch proponent of protecting them. Whenever my ears are subjected to loud noises or constant low-level abuse, like flying on an airplane, I make sure they are protected. It's really astounding how, even after a short two-hour plane flight, my ears relax and open up when I remove their protective covers. And concerts? You bet I'll be prepared. There's plenty of ear protection to choose from, though most are marginally comfortable and few leave you not looking like a goon. My current favorites are called Earasers, a not so cleverly named set of plugs that once inserted are not only comfortable and effective, but hardly noticeable to others. What's unique about these clear, soft plastic earplugs is their shape. They are curved to fit deep and snug inside the ear canal. Simple yet effective. Here's a picture: They are even color coded in a scheme we're all familiar with: red for right. Protect your ears. They're the only pair you will ever own.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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