Deciding where to draw the line

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Deciding where to draw the line
Drawing lines in the proverbial sand is a common practice. We'll go this far but cross that line and it's not in our interest to go further. Setting these imaginary boundaries can be quite helpful. We can limit our spending, weight, time, interest, or tolerance. But drawing lines can also be self-limiting. Just one more teensy step across the line might make a difference. It's hard to know when it acceptable to cross the line or better to remain safely behind its protection. When it comes to HiFi, I imagine most lines are drawn around either price or performance: I can't spend more than this—or its corollary, anything less is probably not worth my consideration. I won't accept performance under that, or I am afraid of an over performer in my modest system. Either way, the lines we draw should be as flexible as if they were truly in sand. New technologies, standards, manufacturing techniques, and innovation constantly change the landscape. It's alright to move our lines to make life better in a changing world.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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