Drawing lines

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Drawing lines

As I've pointed out more than a few times, great speakers can magnify the inadequacies of lousy sources, and great sources cannot be fully appreciated through low resolving speakers.

This observation makes for some interesting systems depending on where folks find it most important to place their emphasis and funds.

We each have our formula.

I have long been an advocate of diving deep into the speakers even at the expense of the electronics. If push came to shove I'd much rather have a great pair of highly resolving speakers driven by so-so electronics. (ultimately I want both to be great!)

Others have exactly the opposite opinions (which makes our sport fun!).

Since few amongst us can afford the best of everything, choices have to be made. Sides of the fence must be chosen. 

Where to draw the line? How to make the choice?

I think that for most of us, we rely upon the many voices and opinions of our community. What's hot and new and working for the others. 

How do you decide?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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