Downstream equipment

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Downstream equipment

If you live next to a big river it's tempting to use all the water you could possibly want. After all, it's a big river and full of water. What difference would it make?

Clearly, you've not considered the downstream effects. Communities all along the river depend on that water and those near the end of the line may not have enough.

In the same way as the river, it's important for stereo lovers to consider the downstream effects of our equipment. We can place all the importance, care, expense and love to our source gear, but if we ignore the downstream kit like amps and speakers we wind up running dry.

Like a river, our systems should be viewed from a holistic perspective. Each drop of sound entering the beginning of the chain gets amplified and prepped for delivery at the end of the process.

How we treat the beginning of the process vs. the end can make all the difference in the world.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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