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I just returned from a trip to Asia and visited three great countries: Korea, China, and Japan. It's always refreshing to see what our customers are up to when so far away from Boulder Colorado.

I am reminded of how much difference there is in living space. In the States the homes are larger. Even smaller US homes are large by comparison to those in Asia, and yet that never seems to stand in the way of making great music.

Perhaps the biggest differences are the speaker distances from the front wall—the wall behind the loudspeaker. Larger rooms offer more freedom to pull the speakers into the space increasing depth and soundstage. In smaller rooms, more attention to careful setup and cable choices have to make do, where distance isn't an option.

In Korea I heard a BHK 250 and Signature preamp driving Wilsons to sonic ecstasy. In Hong Kong, Magicos fed from the same setup. And people around the world seem to share the same values as we do—and just as willing to go to crazy lengths to get there as we are.

Keeps me smiling.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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