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Over these past 10 days I've covered a lot of territory through story and example of the battle between long interconnects vs. long speaker cables. We've not spent much time discussing the technical side because, frankly, I am baffled by the whole affair.

Here's what we can walk away with from these discussions and your many fine comments. Choices of cable length and quality are very system dependent. But then, you knew that. Cables are synergistic partners or devils depending on how you configure things. They can conspire to bring greatness or reign harsh grit onto your your music.

The type of equipment you have makes a difference too. All tube based preamplifiers are challenged to drive long interconnects, though some do just fine. In my experience, hybrid tube devices like our BHK preamp fare well with either short or long interconnects.

Speaker cables seem to make more of a difference than interconnects do, so it's probably worth your consideration to put more resources into the speaker cables than the interconnects—even if the speaker cables are short.

For whatever reason, well designed power amplifiers don't seem to mind being next to loudspeakers, though they do seem to benefit from some form of isolation platform. Mine, for example, are low bases with spikes and atop them, a PowerBase that I do not run AC power through—just there for reduction of vibrations.

Preamps and sources are always better off as far from the speakers as possible. But, you knew that too.

Lastly, do your best not to be as pigheaded as me. I resisted change or even experimentation on this subject for years. It was a mistake that cost me many fine hours of potentially better sound from systems that I rely upon for my pleasure and livelihood.

Experiment, experiment, experiment.

Summer's here and it's a great time to roll up the sleeves and try new things.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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