Did I just miss the invitation?

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In response to my post of a few days ago, where I described the sparseness of my hotel room, some kind soul donated a branded bar of soap from his. Now that's funny, and it really made my day start out with a good laugh. Thank you. So where was I when Magico announced they were building a $600,000 horn loudspeaker? Really? As I travelled around the show making my video for you, I popped into the Magico room to see what they were up to. Holy Toledo! Here's two 8' tall multi-driver horn loudspeakers on display, with a gaggle of wide eyed onlookers that were more interesting to me than this show stopper. Were they more interested in just seeing what a $600K loudspeaker might look like, or perhaps just as incredulous (as I was) at the spectacle itself? Is Magico pulling our collectives legs here? I was tempted to stand in front of the speakers and video tape the onlookers rather than the speakers, but Magico's Alon Wolf gave me the evil eye and I weenied out, shooting the monoliths instead. I suppose now the gauntlet has been thrown and someone must top this price tag. We sure have an interesting field of endeavor, rich with spectacle and show. Maybe someone could make a few bucks selling tickets to the sideshow ..... oh, wait a minute, it's all included in the price of admission. And here I thought this was about music. Silly me.
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