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When you're reading this it'll be a day later than when I wrote it. Such is the power of scheduling! After closing up the Munich high end show last night, I got up early this morning and had a wonderful run through the Englisher Gardens, Munich's version of Central Park. The sun was finally shining after many days of cold wet weather. The park is extraordinarily beautiful with streams crisscrossing the pathways, trees just now flowering, as spring prepares to move to summer. What a gorgeous city and what a great day to be alive. Here's a photo of our setup in the show. The picture shows the Raidho D3s we were fortunate to play with (they're great!) and if you look on the table of equipment, you'll note Scott McGowan's Sprout driving the entire system. That's the back of Scott's head in the picture, speaking with our UK distributor, Kevin Akam. Sprout, fed from either Dr. Fiker's turntable or DirectStream is a killer sounding product that lit the entire room up with music. What a great personal music system this product will make. During most of the day folks were able to hear DirectStream on the Raidho's, driven by version One of the prototype power amplifier I've been working on and reporting about. I forgot just how good this amp actually sounds: many asking what was wrong with just building this version and calling it extraordinary. I had to pause for a moment and remember why it wasn't up to snuff. Certainly couldn't tell from this demo room! Tomorrow I will show you the coolest (and weirdest) gadget we came across at the show. Now, it's off to the airport!
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