Devilish details

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Devilish details

They say there's a devil in those details. That it's awfully easy to imagine wholesale change until one rolls up their proverbial sleeves and gets going.

Which is why I recommend dedicating an entire Saturday or Sunday for making changes to your system.

Even small changes.

Simply tweaking the toe-in or out can blossom into a lot of work. Get a better center image but now you've lost the soundstage width. Move the speakers back towards the front wall and you increase bottom end but at the expense of depth. Move the left and right closer together and the result is better midbass coupling but what else changes?

Replace one of your components with a new one. You love what it brings to the system. Over time, the newness wears off and you begin to notice the kinks.

Time to look that devil in the details straight in the eye and get to tuning.

Over the years I have learned to apportion enough time to handle what seems at first like a quick change.

Weekends are great for helping make better a great 2-channel audio system.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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