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When you listen to the Infinity IRSV in Music Room One the first thing you notice is the complete detachment of the soundstage from the source broadcasting it. Though intellectually you understand sound comes from the front of the speakers forward it does not sound that way; your ears deceive you. No sound appears to come from the speaker forward and that is proper.

The distance from the front plane back, as well as the stage width, depends on the recording and the equipment powering the speakers. Drive it with a BHK monoblock pair and play a good recording, sound comes sidewall to sidewall and beyond the rear one, the physical boundaries dissolve into nothingness.

But I have discovered something interesting. As deep and detached as the soundstage is, there now appears to be finite layers of depth, like sheets of sound stacked from front to back, with the majority pinned to the rear wall. And I know this only because I have heard these sheets removed, the sound and depth coming not from multiple discrete layers, but emanating instead from infinite space, each instrument and voice a three dimensional object broadcasting with 360 degree freedom. I have never heard this or any system perform this magic act and once heard, I cannot give it up.

I'll tell you what I did tomorrow, though I cannot offer you the same - what I listened to was a prototype not even on the build schedule.

But, I'll bet you can get close and I'll tell you how.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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