David vs. Goliath

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When I meet new people I am often asked how is it we even dare to compete against the giants in our industry like Sony or Harman?

There's a simple answer and then a more complex one.

The simple answer is we're not - never have been. Our market is the high-end, Sony and Harman don't even have that on their radar.

But the more complex answer is interesting because it really goes to the core of innovation.

Perhaps the real question is "the big guys have all the R and D money so what you make must always be just a pale copy of what they invent. How do you survive and why do people purchase your products?"

Fact is most innovation comes from smallerentrepreneurialcompanies, not the big guys. The reason this is true is that smaller companies have less to lose than the bigger guys and are driven out of necessity to make some noise with their product innovations to be noticed.

Bigger companies are more cautious, have many more layers and don't need to have their products make the noise - they have well financed marketing divisions that do that.

So how does David beat Goliath? He doesn't even try, all he needs to do is win his own game.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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