Crafting magic

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Blue Coast Records maven, Cookie Marenco, commented on my post about finding the magic in performances. She expressed to me that musicians don't seem to know when they've made magic. They are focused on the mistakes. She tells me it is the audience, the producer, the staff listening, that instantly know when there's magic. There's a basic truth to what Cookie has written. Craftsmen, artists, perfectionist are so focused on creation they often miss the moment when sparks fly, when 2+2=5. Those moments are what I believe most of us seek. The recording that stands out from all others, the new equipment that elevates our listening experience, the tweak or trick that puts us over the top. Perhaps this observation explains why movie producers never know what will be a hit, and record producers the same. It is you that see the sparks when they fly. And it is you that reverberate with a big thumbs up or down. As creators we can only make as few mistakes as possible, then roll the dice.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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