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One of the joys we share is the moment of the great awakening: when a music lover decides it's no longer acceptable to sully music's beauty with poor quality reproduction. I know many of us older audiophiles worry that the younger generation of music lovers will never come to enjoy the sound quality we treasure, but I would argue that's unlikely. Just as in any endeavor, some people will inevitably bubble through the surface tension of the ordinary and emerge into the light of better. It's in our nature to seek out the best of what interests us. The trick is to make sure music itself is not lost. As long as there's interest in music, audiophiles will emerge. I have long been a promoter of one form of music that maybe isn't paid enough attention to, Jazz. What a wonderful art form. Reader Joseph Coats emailed me with news of a new internet radio station that is really quite good. It's called The Jazz Groove and it's quite wonderful. Unlike other internet radio stations, the Jazz Groove actually sounds great and the people running it care about sound quality. Even its lowest stream is at 128K AAC which is pretty decent. If you like what you hear and want to support the station, it's also available in lossless FLAC. The station needs some financial help, so if you're a fan, please consider donating or signing up for their premium service. Keeping music alive is worth our time and resources.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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