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As audiophiles were under constant criticism from those who haven't gotten the opportunity to experience what we do. It's just part of the landscape. Working recently with a new editor unfamiliar with our community, I was reminded just how out there some of our heated debates must appear to the uninitiated. The editor had spent some internet hours familiarizing himself with our small section of the world and was shocked at the level of emotions expressed over issues he'd never known existed. "People were ready to come to blows over the differences in a cable!" he exclaimed. Of course, this is all humdrum everyday occurrences to us. One of the more satisfying aspects of what we do comes in the form of comments and opinions expressed on forums and letters. These comments are more often than not mirrors of our own conclusions—conclusions of how things sound we never publicly express. That to me is fascinating. We send out a product knowing its sonic strengths and weakness as heard on the PS Audio reference system. When those identical strengths and weaknesses are identified by others on completely different systems—and without any mention or prompting by us—it's always a reminder of just how real what we do is. The next time someone from outside our community lambasts you for hearing that which "cannot make a difference", just smile with the knowledge their comment isn't meant to be mean. It's just not something they have experienced themselves.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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