Condoning vs. describing

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I can reasonably describe that which I do not subscribe to: eating meat, violence, loud mouthed hypocrites, audio limiters and compressors (how was that for a leap?). The fact that I wrote of how limiters and compressors work does not mean that I support their incorrect use in quality recordings. Having been around enough recording engineers to understand there's plenty of tricks to their trade we purists might recoil in horror from, like gentle EQ, and peak limiters, I feel comfortable suggesting that in some recordings—in fact, some of the best recordings in the world— the listener's ignorance is bliss. That statement doesn't mean a heavy hand on the control console is condoned! We're all familiar with the increasingly bad state of modern recordings, a trend we'd all love to see reversed. Like the chef's five second rule, purity isn't always needed to make a great meal. Nor is it required to make a great recording. In the hands of a master, the few cheats employed don't spoil the soup.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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