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The idea of a forum as a place where people gather to talk and exchange goods dates back well before Roman times when they were at their most popular. Forums were the center of each city and had markets and public speaking areas. Today, those same forums are now electronic in nature but their functions remain the same: discussions and discourse, buying and selling, questions and answers. Like any public gathering throughout the history of mankind, there are good and bad places to meet. Some are welcoming and informative, while others tolerate and sometimes foster hate. Participants choose what interests them in the same way we choose our friends and associates. PS Audio Community Forums are helpful and fun destinations where people are treated more like family than combatants in the ring. Our forums are moderated by volunteers and even our forum leader, Elk, is a volunteer as well. It's a generous and thriving community of like minded people discussing everything from favorite recordings to big gripes. Of particular interest to you might be the What Are You Spinning Now collection of 3,000 great recordings as suggested by our community members. We try our best to keep it open and welcoming of subjects unrelated to PS Audio because to us, community is more important than products. If you haven't visited the PS Audio Community Forums recently, you might just give it a whirl along with the tens of thousands of others that do. Click here to visit the forums. We'll see you there!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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