A good use for CDs

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A good use for CDs
We love our CDs. I have hundreds of them, perhaps bordering on a thousand. Many have been memorialized on a hard drive and that gives me easy access to build playlists, something I cannot easily do with physical media unless I make my own. But still, I have my stack of discs at the ready to play. But, there is another use for CDs that might just surprise you. CDs can dial in your speaker's performance and adjust them to different height chairs. At least their cases can. When I help people get their systems to sound right I have two tools at my disposal: the first I described in this post, pulling the speakers out from the front wall. The second is to angle the speakers forward or backward using CD cases to match chair height. Matching seating height to the tweeter axis is pretty easy to do and even easier to see if it's needed. From your seating position move your head up or down to see where the tweeter sounds its best, then adjust the speaker's angle to match. Often times I can hear the tweeter sounds more alive when I stand up, or the opposite. It's then a simple matter to place a CD case or two underneath the speaker cabinet's rear or front to lean it forward or backward. If you want a more permanent solution use a furniture leveler instead. Getting the tweeter pointing at your ear can often be the difference between good and great.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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