Shouldn't we be getting close to perfection?

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We've got 60 years of experience designing vinyl reproducing equipment, 30 years for CD's and approaching 10 for computer based audio. Wouldn't you think with all that experience we'd be getting close to perfect by now?

And the answer is no, not even close. I know it surprises people when I ask them to close their eyes and imagine they are somewhere else than their living room when they listen to music - but when they do it over a period of time it becomes quite evident they haven't been musically transported to a live venue - they are still at home.

Sure there are many instances where we are blissfully carried away by the music - so much so that we lose all cares about where we are and how we're experiencing it - and sometimes it feels like we're right there. It's a tease - but a good one.

Tomorrow I am going to give you another thought puzzle about the way we hear music in our rooms. I hope you find it stimulating.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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