Clear goals

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Clear goals

Perhaps one of the most difficult hurdles to cross is the setting of clear goals. What is it you hope to achieve? Where is it you hope to go to? What's it look like when you get there?

"I want a great stereo system."

That's a reasonable goal but perhaps a bit too broad to form a set of useful guidelines.

Maybe better to focus more on the end result.

"I want good sound with no compromise bass that shakes the rafters and flaps my pant legs."

That's a lot easier to achieve now that we know more specifics about the end goal. Focus your efforts on the biggest, baddest subs you can afford, and do your best to marry them with what you have for a system.

Wanting "the best" or working to achieve "the greatest" is an endless loop with no reasonable end point.

The more specific your end goal the better chance you'll have of finding a way to get there.

It's why visible goalposts on the playing field work.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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