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What a great word. It's used when a person sets out to deceive someone else. To win by deceit and dishonesty. To pull the wool over another's eyes in the hopes of personal gain. It's what bad actors do. It's what audiophiles are often accused of when we speak of things we hear that others cannot verify.

It is a natural human trait to ascribe intent to an observation. We want to believe that we go through life with a clear plan. That the expressed feelings and emotions of others are shared with the idea of swaying opinions or gaining undeserved gains. Yet, in my experience, that's rarely the case.

An exclamation of wonder or delight, sadness or loss, is mostly from the heart and presented without malice or intent.

If we're constantly on guard for the rare instance of chicanery, we deny ourselves a wealth of human interaction.

More times than I can count, my YouTube videos have elicited cruel accusations from viewers who assume chicanery when the truth is far simpler. Over the years I have learned forgiveness so I can enjoy the sharing. Not because I am above it all, but because I finally figured out they are doing exactly the same thing as I—reacting to what they see and hear without malice or intent.

It's a treat to share one's discoveries and emotional responses with a community like our own, even at the risk of the occasional "ouch".

It's why we like to call our community the Hi-Fi Family.

I am glad you are part of it.

Thank you.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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