Change of vantage

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Change of vantage

Music Room Two, with its magnificent Infinity IRS V, BHK monoblocks, multiple P20 Power Plants, BHK preamp, DirectStream DAC, and Stellar Phono is one of the most revealing systems I know of. It's our reference that allows us to hear deep into the music. It's an invaluable tool for the design and voicing of PS Audio products.

Yet, Music Room Two is forever changing, something you might think a reference should never do.

As we change cables, improve DACs, find new music, or tweak speaker positions, our vantage point changes and it sounds different. Often, we've enough improvement that previously unnoticed details in familiar music come to the forefront, requiring us to readjust our expectations.

I think of this change in vantage point very much like changing one's seat in a favorite concert hall. The few times I've been lucky enough to attend New York's Carnegie Hall or the Met, it's been in different seats. And each of those positions gave me a very different perspective of the whole.

Even in Music Room Two I'll often take the right-hand seat instead of the center sweet spot just to change vantage points and listen from a different perspective.

We can get inured to the point of ignoring the obvious if we're not careful.

A change in vantage point is often the best way to refresh and renew the music.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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