Change is hard

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We sure like our routines. We take the same route to work, eat our favorite foods, listen to familiar music, hand select entertainment we're pretty sure we'll like. It's safer that way. Change is hard because it's risky. We might get rewarded, but we also might get disappointed. That's the nature of risk. What I enjoy about change is the chance to massage, tweak, and extend the comfortable routine into the possible better. It's why I often have trouble leaving 'well enough' alone. Heck, it can always be better because perfection is an illusion. It exists only in the abstract because it depends on the world stopping, something we trust won't happen. About a month ago we upped the ante on our forums with new, improved, software. People spend a good deal of time on our forums and that's something we encourage because what's most important to everyone at PS is our community. Out of the chute we had complaints. The improved features like a search field that works, the ability to reply to a specific post, the ease of quoting, the fluidity of the interface and navigation, and the improved speed weren't enough to help some users look beyond the cartoon graphics and overly bright colors. As with any new product, code, or service we launch, we roll our sleeves up and start ticking off the problems and addressing the complaints one by one until we've gotten where we want to go. I think we've managed to make really good progress. I'd appreciate your opinion on the improved forums. There's a specific thread to reply to and share your thoughts. That can be found here. We all benefit from your feedback.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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