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Sometimes I am the dumbest person I know. Which is saying a lot because I know a lot of people. Worse yet, at my age you'd think I'd have gotten smarter over the years. The opposite has happened. I feel badly and want to apologize to all my readers. I had asked each of you to wait until Saturday for the big announcement of our new product. Then I went ahead and authorized a press release to publish yesterday morning, somehow stupidly figuring the editors wouldn't get around to publishing right away. Boy was I wrong! That's not cool and I apologize. To hear the news through anywhere other than right here is a disservice to you and you have my apology. For those of you that didn't hear, the new product I've been hinting at is the DirectStream DAC, the replacement for the PerfectWave DAC. This new DAC is quite revolutionary in how it works and what it does and accomplishes. There will be an upgrade path for all PWD owners. I just finished uploading part 1 of the video I intended to launch Saturday morning. Here's a link to it. It explains everything about the new DAC. I'll try and get part 2 up later today, which includes Ted's technical explanation and a Q and A with the members of the Colorado Audio Society. It's very late Wednesday night as I write this. I am going to go have a beer. Odell's has a new red IPA I have been looking forward to. Sorry.
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