Building a Music Room

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Part 5 of of our video series on Building a Music Room has been uploaded on YouTube and available for you to watch here. We cover how we calculate the Q and the depth of the Resonator and show you how we fixed the room's slap echo with some drywall and mud. We also discuss our decision to go with Mogami wire. I hope you're enjoying the series as we get closer to finishing the room and installing the new speakers. Thanks to the powers that be at YouTube we've been allowed to publish the entire 60 minute long video Coal to Coltrane for you to watch. This hour long journey explains what electricity is, how it was discovered, manipulated, generated and we even cover the famous War of the Currents - the epic battle between two genius: Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. We have interviews with TAS Editor Robert Harley, reviewers Wes Philips, Steven Stone, Michael Fremer (who is at his funniest in this film), recordist Bruce Leek, the director of the Boulder Symphony Orchestra and our old friend Mark Schifter. It's quite a fun ride for an hour and hopefully you'll enjoy sharing it with your friends and family. Our discussions on microphones have sparked a great deal of comments and tomorrow I want to look at how microphones are used to make recordings and why so many of us treasure the many decades old recordings when their equipment was so out of date and not up to our standards. We'll then take a look at a few of the great recordists of today and what kind of work they're doing.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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