Building a room

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Building a room
In early September we'll be moving much of the company into our new building across the street. We're pretty excited. We'll do our best to make our move as seamless as possible from your standpoint: keeping the phones live, using remote access for emails, reducing downtime to nearly nothing. Once the offices, engineering, and production have moved the next phase will be the building of the Music Rooms of which there are 3 planned. Our original hope was to have the music rooms as well as our offices, production facilities, and engineering all humming along at the same time but what is it they say about plans for mice and men? I thought you might enjoy seeing the architectural plans for the 3 rooms. Starting from the left side of the drawing will be the new Music Room One, the largest of the three. It's 16' 6" wide and nearly 30 feet long. On one end of this room sits Arnie Nudell's reference loudspeaker prototypes and on the opposite side whatever new PS loudspeaker we're working on at the time. Just to the right is Music Room Two the new home for the Infinity IRSV. It's a foot wider than our existing room at 16' 2" and about the same length of 22 feet. To the right again will be Music Room Three with our Affordable AN3 loudspeakers (or the new Sprout Speaker) and a Stellar Stack in combo with a nice little showroom so visiting folks can see what we make. Note how the center wall between rooms One and Two is slightly angled and that each corner too is angled. These angles, along with a pitched ceiling, will greatly reduce standing waves by virtue of limiting the parallel wall bounce. Much more to come as we progress.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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