Extreme solutions

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Extreme solutions

Middle of the road is as its name implies. Boring.

Extreme, on the other hand, is far more exciting. When we take it to the edges we're excited to see our horizons move and our expectations exceeded. We'd much rather know that the tweeter in our new speakers is better than "a reasonably good driver" and much happier to learn "state of the art with extension beyond human hearing". Extremism, where it matters, is a good thing.

Yet sometimes taking things to the extreme is at the expense of the intended. A little salt enhances the food, too much and its unedible.

Recently I've been hearing about extreme solutions to the problems of achieving clean AC for use in our home stereo systems. There's everything from battery power, ultra caps, isolation transformers, exotic rare earth filters, to expensive mystery boxes intended to clean the hash and noise riding on our home AC. Several of these are extremely good at what they do, but all of them do their work at the expense of addressing AC power's real problem. Missing energy from the sine wave and unregulated power.

Clean power is good. Regulated, low distortion, regenerated power is what really matters when it comes to enhancing performance.

Extreme solutions to the wrong problems often times steer us in useless circles.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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