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*Chapter 24 of Resurrection is now available to read here. As humans, we're always in search of bonds: newborns to their mothers, kids to their siblings, mates, pets, foods, places and, yes, even stereo equipment. The factors that bind each to people, places, and things are unique, though there's likely some commonality amongst this group. We're all attracted to music and, I suspect, a desire to dig deep and find the gems that deeply resonate. The gear and systems that over the years I have an intimate bond with still hold for me a place of sweet memories. Even now, in the middle of this safety-driven isolation that keeps me from Music Room Two, I feel a strong bond if only in my memory. Bonding is important because it is what facilitates communication. When I bond with a piece of gear or a music system, there's a kind of conversation between us. The idea that something "speaks to me" is not out of place. If you're lusting after this or that it's likely a potential bond you want to make—a chance to open a dialog to see if it's a conversation worth maintaining. If your system bonds you to the music, give it a hug now and then, if only in your mind.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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