Blanket statements

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Blanket statements

As soon as I read this note, I had to smile.

"I spend a lot of time in the studio under extremely treated conditions and listen through some of the highest-graded speakers. Once you learn how to listen through them, you can never go back to consumer-grade and so-called audiophile speakers."

What a lovely and concise blanket statement. I particularly love the "so-called" jab.

What's instructive about this note is its form. In the first sentence, the writer establishes his credibility. In the second, we get the conclusion that, given his experience, makes perfect sense.

Hard to argue with (which of course is the point).

How many of us believe that most people have actually heard a properly set up high-end audio system?

In the fifty years I have been immersed in what we do, it has been rare to find anyone outside our small group of kindred spirits that have actually sat down in front of what we consider a great system.

Blanket statements and sweeping proclamations are short and to the point.

And they are usually more opinion than fact.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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