Bangs and bucks

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Bangs and bucks

I suppose the term biggest bang for the buck comes from the gun or explosives industry, but wherever it came from it's often what we're hoping for.

Maximizing our investment in high-end audio.

I find that our upgrade paths tend to take at least two courses: wholesale change and polishing. When a new technology, feature, or means of capturing better sound comes onto the market, many of us get excited to make a wholesale change—upgrade our existing system pieces. But, once we have what we consider best, it's time to add those finishing touches—polishing up what's already there.

Where's the best place to start?

I have always said the biggest bang for the buck comes in the form of your loudspeakers. Figure out what appeals to you and go for the gusto. Everything else in the chain is important—even critical—but when it comes to maximizing what you have, loudspeakers are it.

Thus, you start your fireworks show with the loudspeakers and then, over time, work on maximizing what's driving them. If you try the opposite course of maximizing the starting chain, your eventual upgrade of loudspeakers runs the risk of fizzling.

We all work with what we have but, when it comes to bangs and bucks, my vote is to consider lighting the fuse on the best pair of loudspeakers you can imagine reaching for.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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