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You can choose to purchase art or commodities; it's up to you. What separates the high-end from the run-of-the-mill commodities is the bit of soul, art, or whatever you want to call it that designers breathe into a product. They work hard at crafting something with character that reflects their vision of how something should perform. A hand tossed pizza crafted by someone who really cares, or take out from Pizza Hut? The pizza artist places his signature on each pie he serves. To him it's art. To the Pizza Hut employee, it's a job. A Peachtree Audio integrated or something you grab off the shelf at Best Buy? The first time I heard a Peachtree integrated was at the Rocky Mountain fest several years ago. David Solomon was grinning from ear to ear with pride about his new piece and it sounded darned good. It had soul - his soul, his art in it. For better or worse, David made his art. Art is all around us as a choice. Choosing art supports the craftspeople of the world and we all are better off for it.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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