Aspen FR30 Review

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Aspen FR30 Review

To say we’re proud and excited about the aspen FR30s would be an understatement.

Now that shipping of the first batch has begun we’re again taking orders for the next two groups.

For those who have yet to read anything other than my ramblings about the speaker, HiFi News just released the online version of the review of the FR30s (which also graced the front cover of the magazine).

The review, written by Andrew Everard included measurement by Paul Miller.

“Having read about the development of these speakers literally for years, in various online postings, I was both keen to hear them and also filled with a little trepidation that they’d not live up to expectation. I needn’t have worried: it only took a few tracks to realise that the aspen FR30 is every bit a sensational design and – to cut to the chase – nothing short of one of the high-end bargains of the moment, making some much pricier speakers seem just a little bit silly.”

If you’d like to read the entire review, here’s the link.


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Founder & CEO

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