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When we are thinking about new products for the high-end, we start the process by reexamining all of our assumptions and comparing them to our latest worldview. Continually questioning accepted facts and the status quo of any industry is the key to discovering the new in technology. Asking the same questions over and over again brings fresh answers as advances in technology change the lens we are looking through almost on a daily basis. What was true yesterday may not hold water today. Here are the fundamentals I am questioning:
  • Why are even the best high end audio systems still not convincing us we are listening to live music in our home? Is it even possible? What's holding us back?
  • Why do we need two loudspeakers to create our stereo illusion? Can we do it with one?
  • Why do we sometimes perceive greater dynamics on vinyl than on CD when technically the two aren't even close?
  • Why are we OK accepting loudspeaker responses that are anything but flat - yet comfortable demanding electronics live up to a much higher standard? Simply because one can't get better and the other can?
Reexamining everything we take for granted leads to discovery. What are you questioning?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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