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In our continuing series on power cables I had mentioned in an earlier post an easy experiment that brought instant benefits. I received many letters of thanks for this tip. Today, I would like to propose another experiment, only this time the results will be opposite, the unit will sound worse. Why tell you how to make your system sound worse? I think it might be instructive for those among you that do not acknowledge power cables make a difference, plus we will all learn something. I know this is tough because we all have our beliefs in place, firmly entrenched in our world views. Perhaps even better, there is a great deal of controversy associated with this experiment. What I propose you try will take $5 out of your pocket and cause you to wait a few days for the results. Not many will try this, but for the few that do, I believe we all would benefit from your thoughts. What I want you to do is clean up some of the high frequencies traveling down your power cable by adding an inductor. Inductors are magnetic devices that restrict high frequencies by absorbing their energy and converting to heat. To try this experiment, no surgery is necessary. Go here and order the clamp-on ferrite inductor. Make sure the diameter of your power cable will fit inside the device. Once wrapped around your power cable, high frequency noises will be lowered but something else happens as well. The sound will change. For some of you, the increase in cleanliness will be appreciated. For others, like me, the cleaner sound comes at a price: decreased life and upper energy to the sound, like throwing a wet blanket. And the controversy? It is thought by many that the cable and quality of AC power has no bearing on sound. This should easily dispel that notion. The differences are not night and day, but noticeable on any power cord I have tried it on.
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