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David, one of our HiFi Family members, had a question about digital cables. It was one I hear all the time.

Given that my unit is said to be galvanically isolated, how is it then that a digital cable change can make a sonic difference?

Aliens? Magic? Spirits? 

All great words for the unknown. 

And yet, though there may be no ready answer for some of these questions, it doesn't negate the fact that differences exist even if they make no sense.

I think this fact, and its acceptance, is part of what defines us as adventurers into the wilds of high end audio. It's this pioneering spirit to experiment, to move against the grain and the tide to reach a higher plateau that separates us from the masses.

Aliens have been at work making our stereo systems sound better for decades now.

Thankfully, they are working with us, not against us. 

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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