Ain't it the truth?

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Ain't it the truth?
In answer to the question of "how you doing" one of our readers wrote the following:
Burst pipes under the house, flooded basement, washing my dishes in the bathroom sink, credit card got hacked over the holiday, some rogue wind fueled branch performed an emergency skid landing on my roof which now leaks, my ears ring, I can comb my hair with a hot dog, nobody ever ever warned me about the ridiculously vast amount of time I would have to relinquish coughing and clearing my throat strictly due to my moronic inability to correctly and effectively swallow my own spit, but other than that - I'm pretty good dag-nabbit!
That made me laugh. Dag-nabbit! It's been two years since the pandemic and its associated wave of insanity ran over us like an out-of-control truck. I haven't yet figured out if 2022 is slowly returning us to some level of sanity or if it's just me getting used to it. Ain't it the truth?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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