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I rarely do any actual circuit design anymore. There was a time in our history where I did all of it, including making the PC board artwork with tape, dots and a razor blade. It's always been a very personal company. But over time and as we grew, we hired engineering people who could do the work so much better. Our chief engineer Bob Stadtherr, head of engineering Dave Paananen are great examples. It is still a personal company, only now I make decisions on features, direction of the products, how they sound. And other, more qualified and talented than I, do the actual engineering. And as we move into our fifth decade of work we have engaged even more people: Ted Smith and Bascom King are excellent examples. Not PS Audio employees: talented engineers without an organization attached to them to build their visionary products. Together we make a perfect fit. Building products as we do, employing the best and most daring talents from diverse backgrounds and physical locations, does not fit most company's models of how things should work. We never set out to build our culture in this manner, yet isn't that really the way families, societies and groups actually work? It seems to me they just kind of organically grow into something you could never have predicted. It's what makes just being alive such a joy.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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