A review worth watching

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A review worth watching

In my experience it's rare that an audio equipment reviewer will really dive deep into a product, living with it, experiencing it, and then sharing that wealth of knowledge with their readers.

And when that happens, what a joy it is to not just read about it but to hear first hand from the reviewer their thoughts and experiences.

Such a review was just post by The Absolute Sound's Tom Martin on our flagship power amplifier, the mighty BHK600 monoblocks.

In Tom's 30 minute review, he takes his time to share his experiences in what turn out to be.....well, no spoilers here.

If you get excited about these amazing amplifiers, there's no time like right now to take a pair home and upgrade your system. For those in the United States, we have an amazing trade up opportunity that only has a few days left.

Have fun! 

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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