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A new channel
Octave Records is growing. From the new studio we're building, to the creation of new recording technologies that have never been used before, we're forging ahead to help shape the future of the recording arts. Because we've committed to DSD as our recording medium, we have a number of technological challenges to meet. Among them is the ability to mix DSD which is currently not possible. But, we're working on that (stay tuned for more info on this subject). Our chief engineer, Bob Stadtherr, and our amazing hardware guru, Darren Myers, have teamed up to design a state-of-the-art 8-channel A/D converter, the likes of which the world hasn't yet seen. The A/D converter is the heart of a modern recording studio. The pro versions available today—the few that handle DSD—are just not up to the sonic standards we would expect. So, we built our own. It's now in the testing stage and I'll report on its completion when we're ready. We also have launched a new YouTube channel specific to Octave Records. On the channel, we'll be posting videos of the studio build-out, live recordings, mix sessions, interviews with musicians and engineers, music videos, film showcasing the new equipment designs, and launching some Master Classes on mixing and recording for those wishing to get into the weeds with us on how all this works. If you subscribe to the new channel, you'll get an update each time we launch a new video. Have fun and see you there.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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