A bit of madness

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It's always fascinated me how events seem to come in waves and troughs: sometimes everything, then a whole lot of nothing.

Beginning last Friday we started a major remodel of the PS Audio building. 6 days later we had scheduled the server to be moved. Chaos on both events.

Our building is not small. Our business is ongoing. So how do you renovate in the middle of business hours? Room, by room, area, by area. Old carpet's removed, tile and new carpet are being added. Walls are sanded then painted - oh, but first, everything in that room has to go somewhere else - as do the people that work there.

Today was the worst. The painters had been rolling paint and the smell…well, not too bad. But today they tackled bigger rooms with high walls and the airless came out. So bad were the fumes we sent staff home. Within an hour, chemical spill alerts were triggered at our neighbor, Pfizer (yes, THAT Pfizer). A team of people in white lab coats holding beeping sensors and wearing worried looks invaded the building.

"All the alarms in our labs are going off. What are you doing? Is it legal?"

"Painting. Breathing toxic fumes. It's horrible," said I.

They measured, clucked, wagged fingers and left. Then the website went down. What was supposed to be an hour took 6. And PowerPlay is still down.

I suppose one could suggest we treat big change like removing a Band Aid. Do it all at one. "Ouch!" Others might suggest spreading the pain over a longer time. Me? I am still drunk from the fumes. A little disoriented at best.

The good news is the building will be gorgeous when it's done.

The bad news is we have to apologies for the paint fumes.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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