Prototype anyone?

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One of the things I like most about an audio show is the energy that abounds. Like-minded people are eager to show off their latest creations.

The shows are an accumulation of hard work to actually get to the show, the culmination of a major concerted effort on the part of every major and most minor audio manufacturers around the world.

We do our best to make it look as if we've been doing this our whole careers; were here and it's no big deal. That everything about our products and presentations are as natural and uneventful as can be. Just everyday business as usual. But most of us manufacturers scramble like crazy people to get to these shows, to hustle up the new prototypes, to show off what we hoped would have been done well before the show.

It's fun being on my side of the fence because when other manufacturers tell me about their new products "ready for production" we both understand that's code for "barely done and have no clue when it'll launch".

We are demonstrating Sprout and, for perhaps one of the first times, we're letting everyone know it is just a prototype. Nope! Not even scheduled for production.

It feels strange to break the mold, but it's also refreshing.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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