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The hotel I am staying at in Munich is a zero frills affair. They have but one amenity for washing, a squeeze tube of soap locked onto the wall so it cannot be stolen. This, in contrast to a fancy hotel that brands their little shampoo bottles in the hopes you'll steal them and remember how great the hotel was. My hotel doesn't even have tissues to blow your nose with, toilet paper will be just fine for you.

Yet, it's clean, efficient, has down pillows and comforters to sleep on, free wifi and a healthy breakfast. In short, everything you need, not one thing extra.

A similar contrast exists between two vendors in near proximity to our booth. One, the Beast, is an over-the-top music server with everything, including the kitchen sink inside. The other, Project, sells the lowest cost minimalist turntables made. Both products have great value, relative to what you're looking for. The Beast is an all out assault while Project gives you only what is necessary to play music well.

Shows like the Munich High End venue offer a wonderfully refreshing overview of the entire gamut of high-end audio.

I haven't found any of them yet with branded soap to give away, but I'll keep looking.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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