How to eject a disc stuck in the PWT

Written by Paul McGowan

It is rare, but sometimes a disc can get stuck in the drawer of the PerfectWave Transport disc player. We've seen instances where two discs have been placed in the drawer by mistake, and other times it just happens. If, for whatever reason, a disc gets caught in the drawer and the touch eject function (on the front panel touch screen) is not working, there are two things you can do. The first is to turn off the rear panel power switch and reboot the PWT. As soon as the PWT has been restarted and the eject icon appears, press the eject icon and the drawer should open. If this does not work it is possible to manually eject the drawer. To manually open the drawer, turn off the rear panel power switch. Insert a paperclip or small stiff object near the right side, beneath the disk tray as shown, and push inwards until the drawer mechanically releases. Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.27.30 AM This will allow you to pull the drawer open the rest of the way and remove the disc. Return power to the PWT and press the touch screen eject/insert icon to return to normal operation.
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