How to convert high resolution files to WAV using XLD

Written by Shopify API

The PerfectWave Transport Memory player can play high resolution DVD's with WAV files on them. Many times we get high resolution files downloaded in another format. Here's is another Windows based software solution.
Convert hi-res files to WAV using XLD. (XLD is a shareware program available at: (1) open Preferences, click ‘General” tab, set ‘Output format' to ‘WAV' (2) under ‘Output directory' check the ‘Specify' button, then click ‘set' and choose folder you require for output (3) click ‘Open' and then close the preferences (4) click File menu heading and choose ‘Open…‘ from the drop-down menu (5) choose the file or folder of files you wish to convert and click ‘Open' N.B. Remember that the PWT only displays track numbers so at this stage it is worth numbering the tracks in the order you require on the DVD. Put all the tracks for a DVD in a single folder and start numbering at ‘01', ‘02' etc. B. Burn a UDF 2.0 DVD data disc using Express Burn. (Express Burn is a freeware program available at: (1) click ‘New Disc' icon, type in name required for disc, check the ‘Data DVD' button and then ‘OK' (2) click ‘OK' to the info box and add files either by dropping them in the box or by using the ‘Add Files' button (3) in the ‘FileSystem' drop-down menu choose ‘UDF' (3) click the ‘Burn DVD' button (4) in the ‘Burner Drive' options EITHER choose your disc-burning drive into which you have put a disc OR choose ‘Image File' (Use the latter option and do the disc burning separately in Toast using the ‘Copy', ‘Image File' menu item. In this way you can first burn a DVD-RW to test your hi-res music selections and then burn a DVD-R once you're happy.)
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