Windom is here

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Windom is here
As promised, Windom is here and ready for DirectStream owners to enjoy. Windom is the newest upgrade for DirectStream and elevates the DAC's performance way beyond anything yet heard. Go here and download either the DS or DSJ version of Windom and be prepared for awesome. Instructions for installing Windom on your DAC are there as well. It's easy and it's free. DirectStream is the only DAC in the world that keeps on giving back to its owners for free. If you haven't yet experienced how great a DS is, it's easy enough to try one in your home. If you're in the US, we'll even buy your existing DAC from you for its original MSRP and you can keep it to compare the two until you're sure. In the meantime, DirectStream's designer, Ted Smith, and I climbed to the top of Flagstaff Mountain, put our sunglasses on, and chatted about DACs, Windom, and all things audio. We filmed the discussion and it's ready for you to enjoy on the same page as I linked you to above.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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