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Audio equipment is personal. It shares an honored place in our homes and gives us many fine hours of musical pleasure in exchange.

Times change. Advancements are made. It might be time to upgrade.

We have a robust trade-in program that gets you back most of your investment—in many cases, the full retail value. As if it were new.

For example: Trade in a 2014 Denon AVR-4802R, MSRP $2250 towards the purchase of a BHK 250 power amplifier, MSRP of $7,499.

$2250 trade — $7,499 retail = $5,249.

You pay $5,249

There are limits, of course, and those limits depend on the price of the new PS Audio product. To help make this understandable, try our sample trade-in with your product. Click the green bar for the trade-in window to open.

The details within this window differ for each product, of course, but the idea is the same. Try it! Click the button, enter your trade (or trades) along with their original retail manufacturer price and watch what happens to the final asking price. It’s that simple.

Just look for the green Trade In and Save button on our product pages. Fill in the information and receive the lower price. We’ll send your new PS Audio gear to you with free shipping, and you have a full 30 days to play to your heart’s content. Send us back one or the other: your trade in if you’re thrilled, your new PS Audio gear if you’re not.

It’s that easy.

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The fine print

On the product page, simply press the Trade-in and Save button on selected products and complete the trade-in information as requested on the Trade-in Form. PS Audio offers full, original retail manufacturer price value back as an immediate credit towards your new purchase.

Adjusted Retail Price:

Upon check-out, we will only charge you the Adjusted Retail Price.

The PS Audio Sales Team will review all trade-in claims within 48-hours. We will authenticate the original retail manufacturer price value of your trade-in, and we will call or email you if we see any discrepancies. Once you receive an order confirmation from us via email, your trade-in proposal has been accepted.

We will also email you an RMA with an RMA Number, which you can write on the box or shipping label, which you can use to return your unit. You will have 30-Days to return the trade-in.

What we accept in trade:

We will accept nearly any HiFi make and model. We ask for component-level product in trade. What’s component-level mean? Component-level refers to any high-quality stereo product such as a preamplifier, power amplifier, DAC, phono stage, loudspeaker pair, turntable, headphones, or CD transport. We require that all trade-in gear is functioning. Additionally, all trade-in gear must have respectable cosmetic condition.

What we do not accept in trade:

We do not accept broken or non-functioning product. We do not accept most accessories, phono cartridges, power cables, or interconnects. Exceptions can be made based on the value of the accessory or cable. Go ahead and enter your trade-in for quote, and the PS Audio Sales Team will review your proposal. We work hard to accept every trade we can.

Can I trade-in multiple items?

Heck yeah! You can trade in multiple items for value back up to but not exceeding the credit-cap. Just click “Add Another…” at the bottom of the Trade-in Form.

I don’t know if PS Audio can accept this trade-in…

Don’t worry, you have options:

  • Call us, you will speak with a real person: 800 PSAUDIO (800-772-8346)
  • Email us, and a real person will write you back: [email protected]


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