Whom to believe?

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Whom to believe?
With the influx of media available it's often hard to know what's true or false. TV personalities masquerading as pundits in an effort to gain audience often say or do whatever it takes to get noticed. Truth and facts be damned. What would happen if people instead let us know their facts and information were based on personal experience? That in their view, this or that appears to them to be true, and here's why. I think part of the issue we experience with the ongoing cultural Great Divide is our tendency to label observations and personal opinions as fact rather than helping others know it is but our personal view of reality. For example, when I proclaim DSD to be a better recording format than PCM it is entirely my opinion based on my personal experience. The fact that opinion is based on both engineering knowledge of how the two formats work and the dozens of examples and demonstrations I have witnessed should be useful not as proof that my assertation represents truth, but rather as a means to evaluate the validity of my observation. How valid are my opinions and experiences as they relate to a subject? If we wish to know if a bridge is safe to cross we'd likely accept the opinion of a structural engineer over that of the local dog catcher. The structural engineer's opinion may not be fact, but it's far more believable.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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