Which to enjoy?

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Which to enjoy?
There are people who use their stereo to enjoy their music.
And there are people who use their music to enjoy their stereo.
I do not begrudge those in the second group their fun, but I strive always to be in the first group.
It's an easy line to lose track of, but music just means too much to me
Reader Peter Braverman wrote that in an email to me and I was so taken with the thought I had to repeat it. I must confess to being in both camps depending on my mood. When I want to just revel in the stunning "take your breath away" nature of my stereo system, I'll choose music that does just that. But on a different day, I am just in the mood to turn off the world, lower the lights, and let Gustaf Mahler take charge of my imagination and emotions. It's just that, isn't it? Music and our systems can put a smile on our face and a song in our heart. Thanks, Peter.
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Paul McGowan

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